Rabu, 23 Desember 2009

error analysis on student speaking performers

Speaking is always important aspect to people in their life. Because by speaking people can communicate their feeling, share the ide and option. As a language skill, speaking is sometime undervalued, or in some circle, taken for granted. In other word speaking English is kind of skill used to show that the people have superiority in mastering English. Or some people give a judgment about English competence based on speaking ability rather than any other language skill. In addition, student’s language are considered successful if they can communicate effectively in their second or foreign language.
Practically, in teaching learning process in the classroom, some students do lots of mistakes or even some error in their speaking ability. Based on language testing book, the criteria of evaluation of testing speaking have five criteria, including:




Comprehension, and

In this research paper, the writer states the problem as follows:”are there any error in student pronunciation at second year students of Vocational High school (SMK)…..?”

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